Takeshi Momoshiro

桃城 武

Also Known As:

  • Momo-chan
  • Omoshiro-kun

Seishun Gakuen 2nd Year Class 8 Birthday: July 23 Height: 170 cm Weight: 58 kg Blood type: O Dominant hand: right Play style: Aggressive Baseliner Shoes: PUMA (ASPIRATION PT0631 0020) Racket: MIZUNO (PROLIGHT P10 Ti Hyper) Special move: Dunk Smash, Jack Knife, Super Great Momoshiro Special Favorite food: fried prawn burger, strawberry coco sundae Hobby: listening to music, playing shooting games Family: father, mother, younger brother, younger sister Favorite subject: Mathematics Worst subject: English Favorite colour: red Preferred type: active girls who like sports Momoshiro is aggressive but nice to a lot of people, there's no question why freshmen are close to him and he also has friends from other rival tennis clubs. He tends to be hasty when it comes to his emotions and perceptions, but he tries to make up to it afterwards. At the start of the series, Momoshiro sees himself as a Singles player and gets into a slight bicker with Echizen to see who would gain Singles Three; however, to his surprise, he finds himself the partner of Echizen hence they create the 'ah-un' strategy. Momoshiro then starts functioning more as a doubles player especially when he had to play as a replacement for Oishi in the Hyotei-Seigaku match against Oshitari and Gakuto. The last seen Singles match he had in the anime was the match between him and Oshitari in which he lost after getting clobbered by a pole. Momoshiro, despite his brash thinking, is actually what one of the players noted during the Nationals Tournament as the Trickster of Seigaku. He had advanced his play so well that he subconsciously created his own version of Insight although not at par with Atobe's yet. At the end of the series and the manga, Momoshiro is seen as the new vice captain while Kaidoh functions as the captain.