Also Known As:

  • Kishuku Sou
  • ç�® 鬼宿
  • Tama
  • Taka
  • Xong Gui Siu

Quick Facts - He is 17 years old at the beginning of the story - His qualities include: hard working, greedy, caring, strong, compassionate, loyal, funny, determined, courageous. - His two most favorite things are money and Miaka. - He is one of the seven star warriors of Suzaku and bears the sign ‘oni’ on his forehead. Which is best translated as 'ogre' or 'demon' and in chinese: 'ghost'. Because of this, he is greatly misunderstood and was even teased in childhood! - His blood type is O, he is 180 cm tall or 5’11 and he was born on June 28, thus being a cancer. - He lives or lived in Kohnan with his two brothers and two sisters, Chuei, Gyokuran, Shunkei, and Yuiren and his father. His mother died when Yuiren was born. - His real name is Sou Kishuku and his abilities include: Martial Arts and Chii Blasts. Tamahome (鬼宿?), the first of the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku whom Miaka meets, comes into the story when he saves Miaka and Yui from slave-traders. Born in the country of Kounan (Hong-nan) Village of the Juusou (Shou-Shuang) as the eldest son of a large family, he is seventeen years old. His true name is Kishuku Sou (ç�® 鬼宿, SÅ� Kishuku?) , based on the star Demon (鬼). Tamahome appears the strongest member of the Suzaku warriors. An adept martial artist, proficient unarmed and with weapons, he proves a good street-fighter and can channel his ki into energy-blasts. When emotionally motivated, he is able to use his ki to increase his strength, speed, and reflexes in combat. Tamahome is also experienced in fencing thanks to being trained by Tokaki. Initially, the story portrays Tamahome as a greedy young man, interested in helping others only if it means getting paid for it later. It is eventually revealed that his interest in accumulating money derives from trying to support his family. He comes across as cheerful, vain, and comic, but is actually shy and emotionally strong. Throughout the series, he demonstrates himself to be a sincere young man who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others and unwilling to back down from enemies. While he initially rejects Miaka's feelings for him, he comes to reciprocate, realizing all along how deeply his feelings for her had been. They develop a strong romantic relationship to the point where Tamahome is able to sense Miaka whenever she calls for him. Though it is Miaka's wish for them to be together, it is a wish that Suzaku cannot grant; thus, Miaka uses her final wish to restore The Universe of Four Gods and the two are separated when Miaka returns to her own world. However, after Miaka's junior high school graduation, she is introduced to a new classmate of her older brother. Tamahome comes back showing the ring that symbolizes his marriage to Miaka. (Source: Wikipedia)