Tatsuhiro Nome

野目 龍広

Also Known As:

  • Tatsu

Birthday: January 11th Height: 179 Cm Weight: 60 Blood: A Team: MooNs/B-Project Likes: Fitness, Protecting his friends Dislikes: Unknown He's not often seen or talks much in Episode 1 and 2 but he's described as a musclebound by Hikaru because of his toned body. Tatsuhiro is quiet but he does not like being mocked at by others as seen in Episode 4 when The Omens members accusing the B-Pro boys for being spoiled brats. He is very observant and goes out of his way to help others, shown by the fact that he carries the elderly curry lady on his back whilst on set. He has a strong sense of protection when it comes to his childhood friend Hikaru and tends to mother him a bit. (Source:- B-Project Wikia)