Tatsuki Arisawa

有沢 竜貴

Class Number: 3º Birthday: 17th July (Cancer) Blood Type: A0 Height: 155 cm Weight: 41 kg Likes: Military Clothes Dislikes: How her name looks in kanji Favorite Food: Apple Cake Favorite Song: "The Blue Bird No Longer Flies" by Hàl Club: Karate Club Notes: Black belt in karate, has known Ichigo since they were 4 years olds, member of the Delegate of Students Tatsuki is Orihime's best friend and is very protective of her. She seems to have unnatural strength for a girl and is the star of her Karate team. She even won second in a regional tournament, but only because her arm was injured from being hit by a car. Of all of Ichigo's friends, Tatsuki has known him the longest, training together at a after school karate class when they were small. Though Tatsuki eventually becomes able to see ghosts and feel hollows, she never develops any powers of her own. Even though everyone keeps the existence of hollows and their own powers a secret from her, she sometimes catches glimpses of Ichigo in his shinigami unifrom or remembers bits of memory from when she's encountered hollows. During the "Huecco Mundo" arc, her friendship with Ichigo becomes visibly strained when she violently presses him for answers about Orihime's dissapearence and all the strange things she's seen, going so far as to punch him through a glass window when he refuses. When Ichigo enters the portal to Huecco Mundo to rescue Orihime, Tatsuki is seen watching him secretly leave, only to be discovered by Urahara, who apparently allowed her to follow him. It is assumed that he gives her some of the answers she's looking for since he apparently doesn't erase her memories when she's next seen.