Height: 165cm (5'5") Blood type: O Faction: Night Raid Teigu: Incursio The main protagonist of the story who embarked on a quest towards the capitol in hopes of joining the military and earning enough money to send back to his impoverished village. After narrowly escaping an evil ploy by sadistic nobles Tatsumi soon learns about the true corruption within the Empire and is recruited into the ranks of Night Raid whose task is to rid the Empire of this corruption by slaying the wicked. Further on whilst competing in a fighting tournament sponsored by the Empire he unknowingly manages to steal Esdeath's heart who unceremoniously decides to make Tatsumi her lover, much to his discomfort. Tatsumi is widely regarded by many, both allies and enemies, to have an immense amount of hidden potential despite his young age. Lacking the skill and experience of his fellow allies in Night Raid, he makes up for the fact by becoming increasingly more powerful with every battle, with his rapid growth rate being noted by stronger members such as Akame and Bulat. Manga-Only Spoilers: In chapter 45, Mine confesses her love to him, and they start going out afterwards. Anime-Only Spoilers: In the start of episode 23, he promises Akame that he won't die. But after the fight against the Emperor, his teigu, Shikoutazer, is falling on a group of innocent civilians. Tatsumi tries to lower the force by trying to stop it, therefore he gets more critical injuries, then he dies afterwards in Akame's arms.