A hulk of a man, Tatsumi is the leader of the ninja clan Kenshin fights when looking for Tomoe. In the OVA, he is represented as a physically-fit old man with a ninja outfit who gives Kenshin the beating of his life before Kenshin kills him. His character cares a lot about the Tokugawa values. It should also be noted that in the OVA, he talks a lot, while all other members of his gang are never shown speaking. In the manga, he is depicted (much like many of Kenshin's other enemies) as someone (literally) twice his size. His outfit is more like a judo outfit than (similar to Inui Banjin) a ninja outfit and he lacks pupils. He was the master of Inui Banjin and his death at the hands of Kenshin is used as an excuse by his student to join Enishi's Jinchu campaign. His portrayal in the manga is more brutal (he says they'll kill Tomoe after Kenshin's defeat). (wikipedia)