Tatsuya Himuro


Birthday: October 30th Height: 183cm Weight: 70kg Blood type: A Starsign: Scorpio School: Yosen High Number: 12 Position: Shooting Guard Skill: Mirage Shot, Perfect Fakes One of the main players of the Yosen High basketball team, Himuro was the one who introduced and taught Kagami about basketball in the United States. Originally around the same level of skill as Kagami, he has since apparently evolved to equal the members of the Generation of Miracles. Cold and perpetually collected, he is said to be willing to do anything to fulfill his objectives. Himuro has a strong bond with Kagami, because he was in fact Kagami's first friend after Kagami moved to the States. Kagami addresses Himuro as his big brother. They also share the same ring, which they always wears on their neck as a pendant. Later on, it's found out that Himuro's strength is his beautiful play; he could do fakes exceptionally well and almost never fails to fool his opponents.