Tenka Kou

黄 天化

A disciple at Konronsan, and Kou Hiko's second son. One of the Juunisen, Seikyo Dotoku Shinkun, discovered and recruited him as a doushi. He appeared to save his father, who was being chased by pursuers from the Yin rebellion. He has his father's upstanding spirit and fighting skills, but his mother's, Kashi's, black hair. He uses the inflection, "-sa" at the end of a sentence, and is always smoking a cigarette. He is master of the lightsaber like paopei, 'Bakuya no Hoken,' and later receives a fire-emitting, boomerang paopei called "Karyuhyo," and the tiny "Sanshintei." Last, he could use the "Bakuya no Hoken 2," which has a blade on either side of the handle. Because of his absolute self confidence in close combat, and too much of a warrior's spirit, he extremely hates to lose. As a result of a cursed wound received from one of Chou Koumei's yokai senin subordinates, his life was shortened. He fought Zhou in order to avenge his mother, but the moment he defeated him, he lost his resolve. Immediately after, he was run through by the sword of a nameless soldier and hoshin-ed; this only happens in the manga, however, as he lives in the anime and even appears to have a love interest. He has a rough attitude and would jump to conclusions.