Tenmei Mikogami

御子神 典明

Also Known As:

  • Headmaster
  • Exorcist

Mikogami is a mysterious exorcist who is an old friend of the bus driver (and having the same creepy eyes as the latter) and the headmaster of Yokai Academy. He is always seen hooded beneath his garments and possesses extremely strong, anti-demonic powers, having the ability to seal Tsukune's ghoul nature using a "Holy Lock". He also has enough magic to create other dimensions sucha as the paradise he created for unstable and endangered beast-monsters. Mikogami is, in fact, one of the Three Dark Lords (三大冥王 Sandai MeiŌ?), the founders of Yokai Academy, and the ones who placed a barrier separating the human world from the supernatural world. He carries the Rosary of Judgement, which is used to make barriers, and is also aware Tsukune is human, but allowed him to stay at the academy in exchange for helping force out Hokuto, the Anti-Schoolers' leader. He seems to also be immortal (or at least in possession of very strong regenerative abilities), having been severely wounded (impaled in the back by the leader of the Anti-Schoolers) but recovering after. He is also very dedicated to the cause of coexestence asking Tsukune to stop Hokuto from starting a slaughter between humans and monsters. Though a powerful Dark Lord, Mikogami's sealing and barrier spells are apparently weaker than his fellow Dark Lord that taught him the sealing and barrier techniques, Touhou Fuhai.