Teppei Sugou

須郷 徹平

Teppei Sugo is an Enforcer who is part of the second division of the Public Security Bureau. He appears to be a relatively gentle and soft-spoken man, though fully capable about doing his job. After the capture of Mizue Shisui by Kamui, and the death of the inspection Risa Aoyanagi, he was transferred to Division 1. He seems to care about his colleagues, as seen when he selflessly shields Inspector Shisui and Enforcer Akira Yamatoya from an explosion caused by a trap set by Akira Kitazawa, an act which nearly costs him his life and leaves him injured for days. His lack of regard for his own safety and well-being may be fueled by the guilt he bears over the inadvertent death of Inspector Aoyanagi, as it was he who fired the kill-shot.