Terry the Kid


Also Known As:

  • Terry Kenyon

Height: 190cm/6'2", Weight: 86kg/191.1lbs, Choujin Power: 1,050,000. Terry is the son of the Texas wrestler Legend, Terryman and Natsuko Sh�no, a Japanese reporter. Kid always believed that Suguru Muscle stole the fame from his father, and held a grudge against the Muscles because of it, saying that he will come in first place to Mantaro Muscle and prove that his family is better. He even hated his father because of all this, and always said that he is nothing like him. After he learns about the power of friendship, he changes his ways and becomes best friends with Mantaro, but he still works independently now and then. Kid has a soft spot for many things, and is always willing to support his team. He even gave up the Chojin Olympics to save a little boy from drowning. Even though his family's moves aren't much of a powerhouse as others, he is still able to do critical damage on his opponent by using technical wrestling and submission hold. Like Terryman, he will sometimes refer to others as You (ユー Yū) and himself in the first person as Me (ミー Mī). As his father was frequently referred to as Terry (テリー Terī) in the original series, Terry the Kid is usually referred to as Kid (キッド Kiddo) in order to differentiate the two of them. wikipedia