Tetsuji Chuuma

中馬 鉄治

Also Known As:

  • Chuu-san
  • Chuu-sensei

Age: 33 Birthday: October 23 Gender: Male Blood Type: B Height: 175 cm Weight: 68 kg Hair: Black Occupation: Chemistry Teacher Relatives: Suzu Chūma (daughter) Tetsuji Chūma (中馬 鉄治, Chūma Tetsuji), more commonly called Chū-san (�ュウ�ん), is a chemistry teacher at Kaimei High School and the homeroom teacher for class 2-C. He is the faculty sponsor for the Sket Dan, a fact he often uses to get them to do things for him. He frequently creates odd potions and explosives which oftentimes backfire. He is currently engaged to Remi. Manga Debut: Chapter 1 (Paint-Mask) Anime Debut: Episode 1 (The Campus SKET) Seiyuu: - Hayato Nakata (Drama CD) - J�ji Nakata (anime) - Daisuke Kirii (ep 45, disguised as a high school student) (source: SKET Dance Wikia)