Tetsuko Murata


Birthday: September 8 Zodiac: Virgo Height: 161 cm Weight: 50 kg Murata Tetsuko is a swordsmith in Edo. She is the daughter of renowned swordsmith Murata Jintetsu, and younger sister of Murata Tetsuya, both of which are deceased. She has helped Sakata Gintoki and the Yorozuya on several occasions. Shy and withdrawn, Tetsuko wouldn't even greet Gintoki properly when they first met during the Benizakura arc. However, she is goodhearted, as seen in Episode 61, when she saved Gintoki from Nizou. She talks in a relatively low voice, contrary to her brother who had a hearing problem, and usually ended up shouting while trying to talk normally. Tetsuko made another appearance during the Itou arc, when the Yorozuya visited her along with Hijikata Toushirou, who had been cursed by his new sword. She then displayed a wide knowledge of swords, explaining the history of the hikikomori-possessed cursed sword that was plaguing Hijikata, in Episode 102. Tetsuko was also one of the citizens who helped fight for Kabuki District during the war in manga chapter 303.