Tetsunosuke Ichimura

市村 鉄之助

Also Known As:

  • Tetsu

Name: Tetsunosuke Ichimura Gender: Male Age: 15 (Series) 16 (Manga) Height: 4' 9'' Weight: 99 lbs. Hair: Rusty orange Eyes: Brownish-violet Affiliation: Shinsengumi Position: Page Status: Semi-Samurai/ Page to Hijikata Family: Deceased Parents, and an older brother (Tatsu) Friends: His closest are Susumu, Okita, and Suzu Rivals: Choshu Love interest: Saya Famous quote: "Please...make me a demon." Nicknames: Puppy-kun=Comedian Trio, Worthless retch=Susumu Yamazaki Info: Tetsu joined the Shinsengumi to get revenge against the Choshu for whom he thought killed his parents. Eventually, they let him in and only let him be Hijikata's page though, which annoyed Tetsu. He made a lot of good friends while being with that clan, and as hard as it is to say, he became much more mature.