The Exile

A key character in the anime, the Exile was the one who originally instructed Scar’s brother in the ways of the Grand Arcanum, the Ishbalan version of alchemy. At the time of his introduction in the anime the Exile was living alone in the southern refugee camp after he had been banished from Ishbal by the Ishbalans for using alchemy. When Scar accidentally wandered into his hut he learned of his brother's training under the Exile, and sought to learn how to complete the Philosopher’s Stone from him. After Mustang and his men arrived looking for Scar, the Ishbalan refugees were rounded up with the intention of being transferred to state-run camps set up to house Ishbalan refugees; however, the military had to separate the Exile from his own people after they attacked him. As a result, he was set to be moved independently from the main group for his protection. When Ed and Al arrived in the camp and spoke with him he revealed that the Ishbalan people were once alchemists, practicing the Grand Arcanum to reshape the things that Ishbala had given them. It is implied that this was once a highly respected position in Ishbalan society; however, times changed and the practice of the Grand Arcanum gradually became a taboo, as it was felt to go against the teachings of Ishbala by reshaping the things that Ishabala had given the Ishbalans. During this conversation the Exile revealed that the only difference between the regular method of producing the Philosopher’s Stone and the Ishbalan method for producing the stone was the number of people who had to be transmuted into the stone. He was last seen at the end of the anime returning to Ishbal with the Ishbalans to help rebuild their country and culture.