Also Known As:

  • Code:Seeker
  • Seeking One
  • The One Being Sought

An "evil" person whom Ogami Rei seems to be looking for, who is in fact his brother and the leader of "Re:Code", a group of power users (similar to the Code:Breakers) opposing Eden. He appears to be a very charismatic leader, referred to by several Re:Code as a precious friend and at the same time, an equally ruthless one, as he doesn't hesitate to discard useless subordinates. He used to take care of Ogami in the past, and is acquainted with Prime Minister Fujiwara, President Shibuya, and even Sakurakouji Sakura when she was a child. He possesses proficient swordsmanship, being able to slash his opponents without being seen unsheathing his sword. It was also speculated he has the power to read minds, however this is proven false as he was in just making conclusions based on his observations and using his high IQ. He reappeared in Japan with his Re:Code in search of the "Pandora box", which is said to bestow special powers. Leading the Re:Code, he assaulted the Shibuya mansion and successfully retrieved the box. With the box opened with Shibuya's blood, his true form, a long-haired man with a scar across the face who is exponentially more vicious and cruel, was restored. His two powers also returned, one of which is the power of fast healing "Cell regeneration" and the other is "Absolute Space", an ability to reduce space between him and his opponents. However, he still stood no chance against Ogami's blue flame, and was burnt to ashes. His last words were asking Ogami to live, as "death is too good for him". Despite his cruelty towards Ogami, it's shown that he cares deeply for his brother, and long before his death has requested his trusted Re:Codes to protect Ogami should Eden come after him in the event the Code:Emperor's soul in his left arm awakens. During this fight, it was revealed that the "Seeking One" was once a member of Eden's "Code:Name" group, who were superior to the "Code:Number" (like Ogami, Toki or Yuuki) in both ranks and powers. According to Shibuya (his sword teacher), the "Seeking One" was an exceptionally respected person, possessing "two marvelous powers with high intelligence, the heart of pride which cherishes justice and respects lives", and was thus deemed the pursuer of universal truth, the "Code:Seeker." When he tried to investigate the mysterious "32nd of December", Eden attempted to assassinate him and the "Seeking One" was left physically and emotionally scarred. Afterward, he traveled with Ogami, whom he often abused but kept alive and protected for his left arm (which the remnant of the dead Code:Emperor, a coveted object). Later, a young Sakurakouji Sakura sealed his power inside the "Pandora box". His current form is in fact his lost power form, which takes his image and heart in his younger days and is identical to that of his brother, Ogami Rei.