Theodor Eberbach


Theodor Eberbach is the main protagonist of Schwarzesmarken. A 2nd Lieutenant in the 666th TSF Squadron who specializes in close combat, his call sign is Schwarzesmarken 08. Adopted by the Hohensteins as a child, he was the apparent sole survivor of his family after they were captured by the Stasi while attempting to defect to West Germany. While captive, he was tortured, which sprouted his deep hatred towards the Stasi. For unknown reasons, Theodor was eventually released, who then decided to join the military. Despite being in a squadron, Theodor adopts a lone-wolf attitude and cares little for his teammates. He especially despises Irisdina who sold out her own brother to the Stasi. Theodor's interaction with Katia makes him more compassionate and results in him abandoning his lone-wolf attitude. He also changes his opinions about Irisdina after he learned the real reason why she killed her own brother, and begins to respect her as a result. It is revealed that Theodor was involved in a romantic relationship with his step-sister, Lise Hohenstein. After the death of Pham by Lise, Theodor finally admits that Lise is beyond saving and resolves to kill her, which he successfully carries out in an ambush. Theodor takes part in Katia's coup d'etat to remove the Stasi from power. Him and his squadron defeats the Werewolf Battalion, with Theodor personally killing Beatrix. He then resolves to protect Katia afterwards as she works towards the reunification of Germany.