Tiger's Eye


Also Known As:

  • Tigerseye

Tiger's Eye takes the form of a tall, long haired blond man. He wears tight tiger-striped pants and a white top, and attacks with a whip. In the anime, his targets of seduction are particularly younger women, as he uses his charming abilities to lure them into his traps until the right time to look into their dream mirrors in search of Pegasus. He can speak more English than just the "one, two, three" required to set up his trap. It is not clear how much he knows, but he asks one of his targets what the time is in English. In the manga, Tiger's Eye attempted to pollute Sailor Mars with negative thoughts in order to take her energy while she was investigating a mysterious hall of mirrors. He is killed by her just after she powers up into her 'Super' form. He is destroyed in the blast from her new attack, Mars Flame Sniper.