The second of the four Hokuto brothers. A pacifist who seeks to use Hokuto Shinken as a healing art, Toki's self-made technique of Hokuto Uj� Ken (北斗有情拳, Hokuto Uj� Ken? "North Star Humane Fist") is an art adept at both healing and destroying. When he kills someone with his style, his adversaries actually die while feeling great euphoria and pleasure instead of horrifying pain. According to Ken, Toki had the most elegant style of the four brothers and was favored successor to the Hokuto Shinken style. During the war, Toki was exposed to the nuclear fallout while forced-shutting the jammed doors of the bomb shelter that Ken and Yuria were in. Toki survived for two weeks without food and water, but the nuclear exposure turned his hair white and left him terminally ill. Thus, Toki renounces the succession to the Hokuto Shinken style and becomes a wandering doctor, easing the people's ills. Toki wanders into a village full of sick people and heals everyone there. The village became known as the "Village of Miracles" and Toki becomes heralded as a miracle maker. However, Toki is taken captive by Raoh's army and imprisoned at Cassandra, while Amiba impersonates him in an attempt to tarnish Toki's reputation. Kenshiro rescues him from Cassandra and Toki joins him in his battle against Raoh. Toki and Raoh are later revealed to be actual blood brothers; Raoh and Toki were orphaned when they were children and adopted by Ryuken, who was seeking a student to train. Originally, Ryuken only trained Raoh, while Toki watched on. When a hunter killed Toki's pet dog (a parrot in the TV series), Toki demonstrates his fighting ability by pummeling the hunter relentlessly. Realizing that Toki has learned to fight by merely watching his brother, Ryuken began training Toki as well. At that point, Raoh made Toki promise that if he ever followed the wrong path, Toki would try to stop him. Toki attempts to fulfill his promise as an adult, seeking to stop Raoh from using Hokuto Shinken for his own gain. However, the now-weakened Toki is easily outclassed and defeated by Raoh. Toki later dies from his illness after a confrontation with Ryuga, a General in Raoh's army, and tells Kenshiro to "turn his sorrow into anger" before dying. Toki, along with Raoh and Kenshiro, is later revealed to be from the Land of Asura, where he has two additional blood siblings named Kaioh and Sayaka.