Toki Mishiba

美柴 鴇

Toki Mishiba (美 柴鴇, Mishiba Toki) Voiced by: Suzumura Kenichi * Age: 20 * Birthday: February 14, 1979 * Blood Type: A * Height: 168cm (5'6) * Weight: 54kg (119lbs) * Residency: Shizuoka prefecture * Hobby: Meditation Mishiba is a student at a Design trade school. He was raised in an Aikido dojo, resulting in him excelling at martial arts; he is a second degree black belt in karate; fourth in Aikido; and first in Kendo. He is short, lanky, reticent, and has an expressionless appearance. He barely talks, but he is always sleepy or hungry, and would sometimes just zone out. He works part-time as a tape copier and as a bartender at a bar where his surrogate older brother is the manager, who is the only person he confides in. He lives alone in a one room apartment, and the circumstances of his family are unknown, though it seems he had a twin brother named "Shigi". His favorite food is salmon, and when he eats salmon onigiri his mood gets better, though he does not show it.