Age: 20 Birthday: April 12 Height: 181 cm (5'11) Sign: Aries Route: Diamond Toma is a very laid-back and relaxed person, he treats both Heroine and Shin like they are younger siblings, and has many traits of an older brother. He, like all the others, cares deeply for the Heroine. In his route, Toma has a dark personality that which results in him lying to the Heroine about him being her boyfriend after he took her to the hospital. He used it as an advantage to keep her inside of his home, and he kept this from everyone including Shin. At first he drugged her food and drink which caused her to sleep throughout the day, but after she found out about this and tried to escape he caught her and then he locked her in a cage and left stuffed toys to try and keep her more comfortable. In Shin's route, he was jealous of him because he dated the Heroine.