Don't let the fact that he looks a lot like Rockman fool you. This spunky navi is filled with a lot of spazz and downright bundles of energy. Like his operator Dingo, he presents a lot of Indian heritage in his design, and this reflects in his types of attacks as well. The axe on his right arm is detachable, and can be flung as a projectile weapon. Even Rock's buster isn't strong enough to deflect it when it's heading right at you. When in a pinch, Tomahawkman can also call upon his "Totem-sama!", which charges his energy, heals him, and then attacks his opponent for him with a blaze of fire. Tomahawkman may sound a little rough, but he's very friendly and will do whatever he can to help out. He quickly becomes friends with Rockman, as Dingo does with Netto. Source: Rockman.exe Online