Tooru Kokonoe

九重 透流

Also Known As:

  • Tor

Tooru Kokonoe is the male protagonist of the Absolute Duo Series. He seems to be good at martial arts and after facing Tachibana he is taken under her wing and is learning the Tachibana martial arts style. His Duo is Julie Sigtuna. What is known of Tooru's background is limited, but what is known is that when he was a child, his little sister and all the kids at the dojo were killed by an unknown man. Because of this, Tooru attends Kouryou Academy to get stronger. Abilities Shield Blaze - Kokonoe is the only known person in the series to have an <<Irregular Blaze>>, which can manifest into a shield. He is said to always protect other people with his power and he himself admits this. Martial Artist - Tooru was raised in a dojo, with that he not only has the ideal to respect and help comrades, but strong offensive attacks and defense. He is very agile and can beat most of his enemies with his skills. Mjolnir - Ever since Tooru received his <> mark , he has strengthened a powerful punch attack which Tooru learned from his days at the dojo. when Tooru and Julie were talking about his "special attack" Julie decided to dub it "Mjolnir". This attack has a huge power input, and high knockback. The pain afterwards is excruciating, Tooru has said once that he can only perform this attack about twice a day. (Source: Absolute Duo Wikia)