Toramaru Utsunomiya

宇都宮 虎丸

Also Known As:

  • Austin Hobbs

Toramaru is an Elementary School student and the best soccer player in his district. Because of his young age, he is exempt from joining the Football Frontier and playing professionally, but later is brought in by Coach Hibiki to join Japan's national team, "Inazuma Japan". During the day, Toramaru helps part time at his sickly mother's restaurant, making deliveries all day long that cut into his Soccer practice. When he's chosen to represent Japan for the Football Frontier International, he becomes a valuable player for Endou and his friends. He especially looks up to Gouenji, and eventually Tobitaka as role models. His hissatsu techniques: [Season three] Tiger Drive, Tiger Storm (with Gouenji), Gladius Arch, RC Shoot, Grand Fire (with Gouenji and Hiroto)