Toto Sakigami

咲神 トト

Also Known As:

  • Mockingbird

A mysterious Deadman feared even by Senji, Toto is a mysterious boy dressed in a way reminiscent of Shiro, and appears not only to be one of the strongest Deadmen introduced so far, but also to know in great detail about the true nature and purpose of Deadman Wonderland. His power, Love Labyrinth, allows him to copy the abilities of other Deadmen. However, he states that he recently was reset of his copied powers after his battle with the Red Man. However, even in his weakened state, he managed to take down two of the Forgeries with nothing but a copy of Crow's powers. Nicknamed Mockingbird, he freely comes and goes through the prison, and recently has become friends with Ganta. Toto is the only person to have fought the Red Man and have survived. He's later revealed to be the chief of Deadman Wonderland and true main antagonist, Hagire Rinichirou. By using the combined ability of his two bodyguard, "Hollow Swallow", Hagire was able to transfer his mind to Toto's body and took over it. What happened to Toto's personality is currently unknown. It's assumed that he is on the protagonists side, as he alerts Shiro about the data chip, and takes out Hibana with Invisible Black.