Tooko Amano

天野 遠子

Birthdate: March 15 Tooko is Konoha's upperclassman that's one year older than him and the president of the literature club. She likes literature to the extent that she eats what she reads and cannot taste normal food. When Konoha saw her eating the pages of a novel, she forced him to join the literature club so that she could "watch over him" and keep him from telling others about it. She also likes Konoha, but chose to leave him. Her past was revealed in the "Scribe who Faced God" books. Her mother's friend judged Miu Inoue's book, and Tooko was friends with Konoha's editor. This is why Tooko knew what the original ending of the book was, and that Miu Inoue was actually Konoha. Being his first fan, she's been waiting for Konoha to write another book. Her parents died in a car accident when she was eight. Her mother used to write "snacks" for her, but after their death, she could find no one else to write them before meeting Konoha. She makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of the 14th episode of Amagami SS as the new Library Committee member.