Touma is a kindhearted Marine swordsman from the fifth movie. He is under the influence of the Seven Stars Sword. His strong spirit allows him to resist it longer then Saga's other subordinates, though he realizes it will eventually control him. He wishes to have a proper duel before he completely succumbs to the sword's powers, and gets his wish when Zoro grants it. However, Saga interrupts their duel and gains complete control over Touma, sending him to defend one of the shrines that could stop Saga's power. He later attacks Nami and Chopper, but is beaten by Nami's Thunder Tempo and Chopper's Kukotei Roseo. He and the others are freed from the sword's evil power when Luffy and Zoro defeated it. Touma was last seen hiding behind some trees, smiling at Maya and Saga, and throwing his cap into the air. Source: One Piece Wikia