Towa Akagi

紅城 トワ

Also Known As:

  • Cure Scarlet
  • Princess of Despair
  • Black Princess

She is the daughter of Dyspear who wears a black mask and carries a violin. She is also known as the Princess of Despair. She appears to have fire powers and possesses a black Dress-Up Key, which she inserts into one of the Three Musketeers' locks to increase the power of the Zetsuborgs they summon. It is later revealed that she is Akagi Towa (紅城 トワ), Kanata's younger sister who has a strong admiration for her brother. When she was young, her desire to become the Grand Princess led her to be swayed by Dyspear into the Forest of Despair, where she had her memories removed and became known as Dyspear's daughter, Twilight. This in turn led to Hope Kingdom falling into despair, allowing Dyspear to revive. However, thanks to both the Cures' powers and Kanata's music, she is purified and returned to her original form as Towa. Towa later becomes the fourth Princess Pretty Cure, Cure Scarlet. Her Dress Up Keys are Scarlet, Phoenix, Sun and Hanabi (Fireworks). As Cure Scarlet, she is known as the Princess of Fire and introduces herself as "Princess of the Crimson Fire! Cure Scarlet!" (Source: Pretty Cure Wikia, Wikipedia)