Toyone Anetai

姉帯 豊音

Toyone Anetai is a third-year student at Miyamori Girls' High School in Iwate Prefecture and a supporting character in the manga "Saki." She is much taller than the average high school student, and her height also eclipses that of Ryuumonbuchi High School's Jun Inoue. Despite her appearance Toyone is a fairly lively girl, getting excited over her opponenets matches. She tried to give encouragement to a devastated Aislinn Wishart after he defeat, showing that she is pretty caring towards her teammates. Toyone is very confident in her mahjong abilities. She also is an admirer of Eisui Girls' High School's Komaki Jindai. Prior to joining the mahjong club, Miyamori's team consisted only of Shiromi Kosegawa, Kurumi Kakura, and Sae Usuzawa. Toyone often wears wide brim hats. Toyone has several abilities related to the rokuyou, which are six fortune signs. Toyone's favorite move is a pursuit riichi. With this Toyone is able to get a direct hit on the first person who declares riichi. Because of this she is called right-behind-you-Toyone. Her second ability, which the team had previously helped hide, is to win with a naked single wait.