Treize Bain


Also Known As:

  • Treize of Ixtova

16 (17 in the third arc) year-old son of Carr Benedict, formerly of Sous-Beil, and Fiona, also known as Queen Franchesca of Ixtova. Has a twin sister named Merielle whom he argues frequently with (especially regarding firstborn claims) and rarely wins against. He takes after his mother in looks. He is thoughtful and calm by nature and is quite skilled at many things (like cooking, hunting, flying planes and languages), but he is also somewhat dorky. Because of the Ixtovan royal family's "single child" rule, his rank as prince is not publicly known. His royal family crest is the hawk. He and Lillia have known each other since childhood. Through the years, he appears to develop feelings for her, but he is unable to act (effectively) on them. Of all the major characters in this part of the series, only Lillia is unaware of his real identity.