Tsubasa Amaha

天羽 翼

Birthdate: February 3 Horoscope: Aquarius Height: 185CM Weight: 61KG Blood Type: AB School Year: 1 Subject: Astronomy Amaha Tsubasa likes to create all sorts of crazy inventions most of the time they fail and create explosions in the student council room. Tsubasa is so tall, he looked like the tallest guy in the group, and probably one of the taller ones in the entire series. He was abandoned by his parents the moment he was born and was adopted by his grandparents on his mother’s side. He was really close to his grandfather, and he picked up some of his traits, such as inventions and his laugh. He is in the student council, but he never does any student council activities He just works on his inventions. He’s afraid that if he becomes happy, he will eventually lose that happiness and to him that’s worse than not being happy at all. He starts to have feelings for Tsukiko but he’s not sure what they are. During the student president acceptance speech by Hayato, Tsubasa disappears. Tsukiko goes to look for him and finds him on the roof. He says he wants to disappear from everyone because he cannot live alone anymore. She tells him that she can’t live without him and then Kazuki and Hayato tell him to stop being a theatrical. They tell him to let all his feelings out and ask him what he really wants. He says he wants Tsukiko and that he loves her. He tells Tsukiko he’s gonna visit his grandma and his grandpa’s grave. After he visits his grandma he gets a letter that his grandpa left behind. The instructions are for Tsubasa to take a picture with those most important to him. While he and Tsukiko are cuddling on the couch Oushiro comes by to interrupt them out of jealousy. He also tells Tsukiko that his granny enrolled him in Seigetsu Gakuen because she knew he was interested in the stars. In the end they marry 5 years later.