Tsukasa Suou

朱桜 司

Also Known As:

  • Kasa-kun
  • Shitty Brat
  • Suu-chan
  • Newbie

Unit: knights Age: 15 Birthday: April 6 Club: Archery Club Serious and composed, Tsukasa speaks in a manner rather mature for his age. He is a rich young master who may sound polite on the surface, but what he says is actually rude when you stop and think about it (though he doesn't realize it). He honours his family rules and does his best to improve himself, but he also slightly deviates from what's considered normal. While his gentlemanly manner attracts the ladies, he seems to be unaware of this and doesn't know much about the female mind. He has interest in the culture of commoners. His English pronunciation is smooth, which unfortunately only makes it hard to catch. (Source: Ensemble Stars! Wikia)