Tsurugi Tatewaki

ツルギ タテワキ

Also Known As:

  • Red Light-chan; Red Boy

Tsurugi, the red Sword Eyes of Light, was taken away from his home land after riots. Sent there as well was his protector, a droid called Bringer, and one of the 12 Sword Braves. He lived there with an elderly couple, not knowing the origins of his birth or about his older brother, Yaiba. He has a talent for skateboarding and dreamed about being a pro. When he was attacked by a white droid, Stinger, Bringer awakened and gave him a deck to battle with. Bringer instructed him on how to play as he wasn't aware of the rules. After the battle, Bringer revealed to Tsurugi the truth about his past, and showed him a hologram of his mother. Tsurugi's village was attacked by Cornell, a member of the green army of the Sword Eyes of Darkness. He was forced to battle again, to save his grandmother, but was able to win. Tsurugi's grandparents encouraged him to look for his real mother. He soon met Vargas, who was in the form of a white light. Vargas offered the red Sword Brave of Darkness to Tsurugi. He accepted it, because he needed the power and because he throught using the darkness might help him understand Yaiba. Then, he became the red Sword Eyes of Darkness. Tsurugi battled Vargas with a new deck which he obtained soon after, and defeated him. It was said that Tsurugi was the first ever case of a Sword Eyes of both Light and Darkness. (Source: Battle Spirits Wikia)