Tsutomu Komano

駒野 勉

Also Known As:

  • Desktomu
  • Tsukue-kun

Birthday: February 16th (Aquarius) Height: 157 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood Type: AB Favourite Food: Boiled egg, roasted chestnuts Hobby: Reading the dictionary, kanji challenge test School: Municipal Mizusawa High School - Year 2 Class 1 - Karuta Club secretary and recorder of matches Karuta Society: Shirohoku Society - B Class An intelligent boy in Chihaya's class who is second only to Taichi in test scores. Often tied to his desk and anti-social, he feels that nothing is worth doing unless it makes you smarter. However, Chihaya and Taichi help to convince him that karuta involves a lot of strategy and he joins the club. He is also left-handed.(Source: Wikipedia) Favourite Song: Poem #56 Soon my life will close. When I am beyond this world And have forgotten it, Let me remember only this: One final meeting with you.