Tsutomu Ryuuzaki

A second-year student, fire-elemental user, and an enforcer of the Executive Council. He was assigned to punish Souichiro and Bob for their actions at school. He accomplished this by setting Bob's treasured motorcycle on fire, sexually assaulting Chiaki (in the anime, it was simple assault), and pummeling Souichiro and Bob when they came to save her. Once Souichiro and Bob joined the Juken Club, Maya Natsume pays him a visit, seeking to overturn Souichiro and Bob's expulsion. Ryuuzaki engages Maya in a fight, but loses. Afterwards he is attacked and seriously injured by Sagara, as punishment for failing his mission. While in the hospital recovering from his injures, Souichiro and Bob come to pay him a visit and deliver their own vengeance. (Source: Wikipedia)