Nation’s name: Україна (Ukraine) Capital: Kiev Language: Ukrainian Birthday: August 24th National flower: Sunflower Height: Unknown Age: Unknown Ukraine is the older sister of Russia and Belarus. She has short hair that she keeps held back with hairclips and a headband, but her most notable feature is her large breasts, which are said to represent Ukraine’s large tracts of land used for agricultural purposes. Because of this, you can usually hear her coming by the sound of her breasts bouncing. It is also said that because of her large breasts, she has agonizing back pain. Russia describes her as being warm-hearted and motherly, having raised him and Belarus as children. Despite her good intentions, she is constantly getting dragged down into some kind of mess. Ukraine is somewhat of a crybaby, but has a big heart. She is also the one that gave Russia his scarf when they were children, which he still wears today. Although her official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered “Chernenko,” “Irunya,” “Maria,” and “Sofia” as possible names, but since the decision has not been made final, some fans call her “Yekaterina Braginskaya,” or for short, “Katyusha.”