United Kingdom

イギリス, アーサー・カークランド

Also Known As:

  • England
  • Arthur Kirkland
  • Britain
  • Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Nation's name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Capital: London Language: English Birthday: April 23 National flower: Rose Height: 5'9 (177 cm) Human name: Arthur Kirkland Height: 175cm (5’9”) Age: 23 (appearance) More commonly referred to as “England” or "Britain", he’s a rainy island with the reputation as being the “delinquent of Europe”. As a kid he was quite violent, and grew up to be a pirate. However, he’s hung up his pirate hat and has gone from being a swashbuckling bad boy to a self-proclaimed “gentleman.” Since long ago, he’s been on bad terms with France. Both have done terrible things to one another, the most notable in the Hetalia series (on England’s part) being when England’s army burned Jeanne d’Arc at the stake. A teenage France used to pick on a young England back in the day, but their little squabbles and arguments (even in present times) are usually and have been over extremely petty issues. Despite this, they seem to have an underlying respect for one another and spend every Christmas together as shown in the comics. England also allowed France to 'conquer him when they thought the world was ending, something which France had always dreamed of. They are also shown to be quite close to each other, even if they do bicker often, France being one of the Englishman's closest friends. ( Even if he'll deny it ) He raised America as a child after fighting over him with France and Finland. The two were like brothers, but England insisted that America not refer to him as such (the unpleasant memories of his own brothers haunted him). Due to America declaring his independence and fighting against him, their relationship was spoiled. Apparently, on every 4th of July (America’s Independence Day) since then, he becomes ill and heartbroken. In present times, the two are always butting heads over something, but deep down, they both care for each other. Although America was like a brother to him, he does have actual blood brothers; Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who have yet to be profiled, were mentioned to hate his guts, going so far as to throw rocks at him, mail curses to him, and shoot arrows at him to keep him away from them. His youngest brother is Sealand, who also seems to hate him, calling him “Jerk England.” Even so, England does care for him (though is usually annoyed and frustrated with him and his antics). His personality is rather cynical, stubborn, sarcastic, competitive, and cold, even though he claims to be a gentleman. He has a sharp tongue and a potty mouth, but is not a bad person. He’s also described as being a tsundere. When he becomes friends with someone, he is surprisingly very loyal to them. France noted him once as having a slender build. England has a strong belief in the supernatural and the occult; he can even perform black magic, see supernatural creatures, and is able to converse with said creatures (such as unicorns, ghosts, fairies, and even on some accounts, a flying bunny and Captain Hook). However, he refuses to believe in aliens. His hobbies include embroidery and other craftsmanship, drinking tea, getting drunk, literature, rock/punk music, and criticizing America’s movies. He also loves to cook, but a running gag throughout the entire series is that he sucks at it and that his food has no taste whatsoever (which is why America, who grew up eating his food, is able to eat the strange “delicacies” that he does). When drunk, he becomes violent and bitter, often complaining or raving on about America in his drunken state. His most noticeable feature are his thick, bushy eyebrows. During his pirate days, he used to set up colonies everywhere (and torment the heck out of Spain). It appears as though all of his colonies (that have been personified so far) possess the same bushy eyebrows (examples being Hong Kong, Wy, and Australia). Although he officially represents the United Kingdom as a whole, among his brothers Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, he is supposed to represent England. Through the Hetalia series, he’s also referred to as “England” on numerous accounts (even though Hidekaz Himaruya stated that to the other countries of the world, he is simply “United Kingdom”), which most of the general fandom is familiar with. The English dubbed version of the anime adaptation refers to him as “Britain,” something that, according to the company, was a request from the original Japanese producers.