Van Grants


Also Known As:

  • Vandesdelca

Japanese Name : ヴァン グランツ Hometown : HOD Age : 27 Weight : 190 lbs (86 kg) Height : 6'2" (189 cm) Weapon : Swords Japanese Voice Actor George Nakata English Voice Actor Michael McConnohie Vandesdelca Musto Fende, better known as Van Grants, is the Commandant of the Order of Lorelei - the commander of the Six God Generals. He is also Luke's sword instructor and mentor. When Van was young (and known as Vandesdelca Musto Fende), and his mother was pregnant with his sister, Tear Grants, he was forced to destroy the island of his birth, Hod, by being attached to a machine that would cause a hyperresonance. Van later found out that this was predicted in the Score, starting his hatred of it. It sparked his plans of overthrowing it. Since the creation of replicas was not predicted in the Score - and thus, they were not bound by it - his goal was to replicate the entire world and everything in it, destroying all the originals. To do this, he had to get into a position of power - to get followers. So he joined the Order of Lorelei - the organization that ensures that the world follows the score. He even tried to look older once he did get into a higher position so that people would be more likely to look up to him rather than be jealous of his high rank. Once there, he found others, who made up the the Six God Generals, who shared the same hatred of the Score that he had. Van origninally followed the Score - even ensuring the fall of Akzeriuth, but later showed his true objectives by trying to make St. Binah fall as well. When Asch was still known as Luke, he had gained a lot of trust in Van, and agreed to run away to Daath with him one day. Instead, Asch was kidnapped and replicated. This new Luke was to die in Asch's place at Akzeriuth - something that never happened. Van needed Asch for his hyperresonance, as it could be used to destroy all the Sephiroth which held the land in the Outer Lands. Being the commandant of the six god generals, Van is a formidable opponent. He is fought twice as the final boss of the game. He can cast both magic (including fonic hymns) and use melee attacks. Van has three Mystic Artes. The first of these is Imperial Slaughter, which is very similar to Asch's Rending Saber. Van tosses the foe into the air with many streams of light, then thrusts his sword into the ground, causing a fonic glyph and even more light energy to appear and damage nearby targets. Character Quote: "I'll destroy you! Imperial Slaughter!" His second Mystic Arte is Celestial Elegy. Van holds his sword overhead, and spirals of light hit any nearby characters. He then slams his sword against the ground, causing beams of light to appear and hit a wide range. Character Quote: "Hyaaah! Celestial Elegy!" Van's final Mystic Arte is Ancient Requiem. This is similar to Luke's Radiant Howl. Van carries the opponent into the air using a storm of light rays, and then damages them several times with a ball of energy that appears in front of him. This then explodes, knocking the character away. Character Quote: "Behold the power of Lorelei. Farewell! Ancient Requiem!"