Viletta Vadim


A mysterious woman, Viletta Vadim possess exceptional piloting and leadership skills. Like her superior, Ingram Prisken, Viletta is very analytical of situations during battle and, nonetheless, very calm with people around her. She becomes the new SRX Team Commander and is of Captain rank. She's actually the the fourth clone in the mass-produced Balshem series, based off of Ingram, the Originator. Her codename is "Bet Balshem." She's a spy for the Aerogaters sent by Ingram, to go to the Earth Federation in order to gather data. During the final battle with Septuagint, Gilliam asks her who she really is. She tells him her real name is "Viletta Plisken," and she was created from Ingram to act on his behalf once he becomes unable to act of his own free will. Ingram created her before he's fully taken over by the Judecca, then sends her away to complete his will. She goes on to explain to him about the Balmar Empire.