GGG Intelligence Division Super-AI robot, model number GBR-4. Volfogg is a stealth-oriented robot whose human form is patterned on a ninja. His primary mission is to protect Special Agent Mamoru Amami. His construction date is unknown. He rides in the Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Submarine and Division III Susanoh, in which he appears to act as the Captain. He can combine with the non-intelligent vehicle robots GunDober and GunGlue to become Big Volfogg, a much stronger and better-defended combat model with long-range attacks. Volfogg's vehicle form is a police car based on the Ferrari F50. Volfogg can cloak himself and disappear from view (a function of his built-in Mirror Coating ability). His Melting Siren is based on Galeon's roar, and has the ability to disrupt Zonder protective fields. Offensively, Volfogg has an oversized Mirror Coat shuriken, "Silver Cross", which can be broken down into twin Mirror Coat throwing blades ("Silver Moon"). Big Volfogg has additional weapons from both GunDober ("4000 Magnum," a four-barrel machine gun) and GunGlue ("Murasame Sword," the rotating helicopter blades used as a melee weapon). Volfogg is the only one of the Robo Corps whose entire transformation sequence was redone for King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL - the rest use a mixture of stock footage from the original series with at least one new piece, resulting in noticeable color differences. Due to the addition of Volfogg's Mirror Coating to his Sanmitai sequence and the alteration of the head designs of the GunMachines, all of the sequence is remastered and heavily altered. from gaogaigar.wikia.com