Emperor Beld had placed trust in Wagnard, the powerful wizard of dark magic; however, was this trust ill-placed? However others may see him, Wagnard has but one true master: the Goddess of Destruction, Kardis. He knows what is necessary to revive Kardis and gain dominion over Lodoss once and for all. First, he must retrieve the Scepter of Domination from the dragon Shooting Star. For this, Wagnard convinced Ashram to retrieve it for his own glory. Second, he must sacrifice a High Elf, and he sends the Dark Elf Pirotess to find probably the most suitable High Elf he can think of: Deedlit! Wagnard's allies ultimately retrieve the Scepter of Domination, stealing it from Ashram, and he realizes that Kardis is stirring even now. With the Scepter, Wagnard intends to control the Goddess of Destruction and become a god himself. Wagnard uses his increased power to reach Deedlit, the key to Kardis' full resurrection.