A homunculus created by Koushaku Chouno, considered his finest work. A type of hawk while he was an animal, Washio was shot and killed for sport by hunters, even though his species was supposed to be protected by law. While out gathering butterflies, Chouno came across Washio's body and taking pity on him, decided to make him a homunculus in order to give him a new life. Unlike Chouno's other homunculus, Washio has incredible combat prowess due to his natural gifts as a hawk, as seen when he fights off Kazuki and Tokiko in battle at the same time. Also, he is able to transform individual limbs to maximize his combat potential. He's killed in battle against Kazuiki and Tokiko when Tokiko throws herself at Washio to give Kazuki an opening for his lance. As he crumbles away to nothing, he begs Kazuki to spare his master Chouno and take care of him.