Age: 20 Height: 180cm (5'11") Eye Color: Dark Blue Hair Color: Dark Blue Blood Type: A Teigu: Grand Chariot Faction:Jaegers (defected), Imperial Navy (formerly)Famous quote: If you see a girl lookin' unhappy, be a man and help her. Wave is a member of the Jaegers who is very similar to Tatsumi. He is from a small town on the coast where he served in the Imperial Navy, and brought a massive bag full of seafood with him when he joined the Jaegers. Also similar to Tatsumi, he is often used for Comic Relief. When he first arrived at the meeting room for his new group, he first encountered Bors, who ignored him shyly until the rest of the crew showed up. Like Tatsumi, Wave uses a sword in combat and has formidable skills. He Wields the Armor type Teigu, "Grand Chariot," which is a newer version of Incursio. (Source: Wikipedia)