Also Known As:

  • Wendi Nakajima

A hyperactive and mischievous girl, Wendi holds a position similar that of a guard wing in the Numbers formation due to the wide range of mobility granted by her Inherent Equipment and her superior marksmanship, which she is particularly proud of. She is irremediably talkative and has the bad habit of teasing people, especially her enemies, making it easy for her to get people upset at her. Because of their akin personalities and the fact that she once tutored her, Wendi is very close to Sein. Furthermore, she usually looks out for Nove, so the two are usually in good terms with each other. On another hand, she is not very enthusiastic when it comes to interacting with her other sisters, especially Otto and Deed, because of the differences in personalities. Because of those reasons, Wendi is normally paired with Sein or Nove when in missions. In episode 23, she (along with Nove and Deed) was knocked out upon losing a three-on-one battle against Teana. (Source: Wikipedia)