West Kaio


West Kai (Nishi no Kaiou; lit. "West Kaio" or "West King of the Worlds") is the ruler of the West Galaxy of the universe and North Kai's personal rival. West Kai is quite arrogant, rude, and insulting. He is short in stature, being about half the size of North Kai, and wears a blue monocle (he is the only Kai without sunglasses). His fighters are very strong and his best and strongest fighter is Pikkon. His fighters include Pikkon, Tapkar and Maraikoh. He taught Pikkon the Thunder Flash Attack and later remarks, after Pikkon fried the arena twice with Thunder Flash that "I told him not to do that, 'don't use Thunder Flash unless you're far away' I said. It's getting harder and harder to teach these kids, It's all about explosions to them." It also turns out that he fought the monster Majin Buu, as the North Kai reminds him in the Kid Buu Saga. He does not recognize Buu at first, wondering if he is training or "trying to kill us." When he remembers Buu, he teases Pikkon with the obvious truth that Buu is much stronger than him, much to Pikkon's dismay. (Source: Dragon Ball Wiki)