William B. Baxter


Also Known As:

  • Will

Will is a young man who lives somewhat close to Gianas. Will doesn't like her second name and said that it was a bad idea from his alcoholic father. He nurses Renton back to health while he was returning to the Gekko. He is a bit talkative, yet insightful and empathetic, preferring to work with nature rather than dominate it. He maintains a large vegetable garden that is almost impossible to navigate because of the tall grass growing with the crops. His garden thrives despite his dismantling of several huge pile bunkers that subdue tectonic movements. He lives with his wife and former engineer, Martha, a victim of Desperation Disease. He speaks to her even though she never answers him audibly. To him, her condition doesn't evoke despair in him, therefore she does not suffer from Desperation Disease. He thinks humans have to live just with the energy that nature provide us.