Only appearing in one episode (though he made a brief appearance during Edward's State Alchemy Exam), Wilson and his group of mercenaries were hired by Sloth to attack the Ishbalans under the guise of State Military soldiers. He is an alchemist, and carries no gun. He wears a machine on his back that launches small dagger-like objects that charge with electricity. A transmutation circle then appears, along with a huge sphere of electricity, and the attack is launched at the opponent. This is similar to Xingese alchemy, since even the daggers look similar. He kidnapped Rick to try to get Scar and the other Ishbalans to come out of hiding so he could kill them as ordered. He is defeated by Scar, and learns that Ed is a State Alchemist. He was under the impression that he was working for the military, and went to ask Sloth why other military personnel were working against him. He was killed by Sloth after threatening to tell King Bradley.