Winry Rockbell


Also Known As:

  • Win
  • Mechanic Otaku

Birthplace: Resembool Date of Birth: June 9th 1899 Age: 15-16 (Around 18 at the end) Family: Pinako Rockbell (grandmother) Urey Rockbell (father, deceased) Sara Rockbell (mother, deceased) Affiliations: Rockbell Automail Atelier Garfiel Species: Human Occupation: Automail Mechanic Abilities: Skilled Automail specialist and Mechanic Amateur Surgeon Weapon: Wrench Unique Trait: An unusual love for machines and tools A childhood friend of the central characters, the Elric brothers, she is often seen in their company throughout the series. She is evidently Edward's love interest. Specializing in mechanical repair, specifically with automail, Winry services Edward's arm and leg whenever it is in need of repair or replacement. In the manga, Winry becomes an apprentice to Garfiel, an automail engineer in Rush Valley. She also studies techniques for making automail for northern frigid conditions. Her parents, both doctors, were killed by Scar during the Ishbal war when she was very young. In chapter 47 at the Central, she tried to shoot Scar after finding out that he was the one who had killed her parents. He said, " You have the right to shoot me. Know this. However, should you decide to open fire, you henceforth damn yourself as my enemy." Ed made her lower the gun after fighting with Scar and said, " Your hands are not meant to be used for killing. They're meant to save those in need." She frequently travels with the Elrics in earlier chapters and later, returning back to Rush Valley, realizes that she has been in love with Ed for a long time, and Ed has the same feeling though he constantly denies it. It has been mentioned in chapter 15 that Alphonse and Edward had once fought over who would get to marry Winry when they were kids, making Ed freak out and become incredibly flustered, claiming that he didn't remember that. Alphonse won, but was rejected. After Ed asked her why, she replied with "I don't like guys shorter than me," resulting in a huge blow on Ed's ego. Due to her importance in the lives of the Elric brothers, Winry is used as a hostage by the military to gain Edward's obedience. In order to escape from the military possession, she decided to travel with Scar and the others. It was revealed in chapter 73 that it was her plan for Scar to use her as a hostage in order to escape although she has not forgiven him for killing her parents.In chapter 84 Winry is taken on a military train back into Resembool in a water tank. When she goes into her house, she is shocked to find Ed in her room while she is undressing. They both scream which causes everyone to believe that the two of them are in danger. Shortly afterwards (after beating his head a few times), she fills Ed in on where Al is and what have been happening in Lior. Ed tells her to leave the country, but she refuses, wanting to help Ed in any way that she can. Ed soon departs, and Winry stays in Resembool for the time being. At the epilogue, Ed confesses (or maybe more like proposes) to her, and in a photo, it shown that they're married and have two children.