Wolf Redfield


Nationality: United States Mars Ranking: #90 Age: 27 Height: 169 cm Weight: 58 kg Surgery Base: Hammerhead Shark Blood type: A Favorite food: All types of pickles Dislikes: Women who go "ooh!" whenever they see a cute signboard while riding in a car. Birthdate: 11 September (Virgo) Wolf Redfield is an American crew member (information specialist) of Annex I, and was placed in Squad 2 led by Michelle K. Davis. The organism base of his M.O. Operation is a Hammerhead Shark. After receiving his M.O. Operation, Wolf gained the abilities of the Hammerhead shark, making him able to sense the electromagnic fields of living beings. His combat abilities are weak, and he rates his ability to take on terraformars as low, though his engineering skills were high. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)