Wolfgang Grimmer

A freelance journalist who is researching Kinderheim 511; he is also soon drawn into the search for Johan, as he decides to help Tenma. As a former subject in 511 Kinderheim, he had developed another personality: an aggressive fighter that comes out and protects him whenever he is under dire stress, inspired by his childhood adoration for an Incredible Hulk-type TV character whom he refers to as the Magnificent Steiner. He also received training as a spy after his time in Kinderheim 511. He also does not know his real name, so he lets others refer to him as Grimmer Wolfgang. On episode 71 after witnessing the death of one of the citizens of Ruhenheim, his wrath explodes and suicidally murders 4 of the murderers of the villagers of Ruhenheim, where right after dies in front of Tenma. (Source: Wikipedia)